De La Pole Lodge no 1605 was founded in 1876. It enjoys a proud history of notable local benefactors and men of distinction. The Lodge meets at the Beverley Road Masonic Hall every second Friday of the month (except July & December), normally commencing at 7pm. De la Pole has a strong sea faring tradition, as one might expect in a port city such as Hull and welcomes 12 Master Mariners and Seafarers amongst its Brethren, which consists of a cross section of trades, professions and occupations.

Our Tuesday Lodge of instruction (LOI) is a place of learning, discussion and participation in Masonic activities which are steeped in tradition. It provides an opportunity to enjoy light-hearted ceremony rehearsals, Open Night rehearsals, educational and masonic discussions. The Lodge whole heartedly embraces the tenets and principles of Freemasonry which are just as relevant today as they were over 300 years ago. Integrity Friendship Respect and Charity form the basis of teaching the Masonic virtues of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth - ‘Making Good Men Better’.

De la Pole Lodge was a Grand Patron of the Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival 2018, which raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for both Masonic and non-Masonic worthy causes over the Festival’s 5-year period. Our charitable principles are not limited to pure monetary considerations but extend to direct engagement in the local community and a deep care for local and wider society.

You are invited to Join like-minded Brothers in convivial surroundings and make a positive difference in the World. The De La Pole Lodge 1605 commends itself to you.

I knew for many years my Uncle was a Freemason. He was always someone who I looked up to and my mother used to tell me of my Uncle's service. In Summer 2001, over a few drops of Rum I finally had the opportunity to ask him about the Lodge after which I was initiated the following year. Looking back and knowing my feelings, there are many Mason out there, good and honest, upstanding men with humility, who have not yet been initiated!