Freemasonry draws upon the traditions of the medieval stonemasons who travelled the country seeking work. Often being illiterate, they could not rely on written certificates to prove their qualifications but used instead “trade secrets” and certain words and actions. These practises continue to be used in our meetings today in exactly the same way that we use passwords and PIN numbers to access websites and bank accounts.

Each member’s experience is different and personal to them. A person’s motives for joining and his interests within the Fraternity may be very different from those of other members. As can be seen from the quotations herein, different people derive different types of satisfaction from Freemasonry.

1. He must believe in a supreme being.
2. Law abiding male aged 21 years or over.
3. Interested in joining an Historical Fraternity with modern ideas.

You will be contacted by a member of the Lodge who will arrange to send you some formal information, which you will be asked to read. After a short while, you will be contacted again to ask if you wish to proceed with your application. If your application proceeds and you are invited to join the Lodge, a date will be arranged for your Initiation. At your Initiation, you will be introduced to your Lodge mentors. Your mentors will guide your first steps as a Freemason and help you to prepare for the subsequent Degrees in your Masonic journey.

Having semi-retired, I was seeking something new to occupy my free time and found that I love the camaraderie that Freemasonry offers and being on the level with men from all aspects of life, who share the same values.